I write short stories in both English and Dutch. I'm honored to have had a few of these published. See below for a comprehensive list.

I am currently writing my first novel.

In 2022, two years after my first publication, I signed a contract with literary agency Sebes & Bisseling. Together, we are going to see if we can get my work in bookstores.

The Source of the Wind Flash Fiction Magazine, June 2020
The Finish Line Fabula Argentea, August 2020
The Title (audio) Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast, October 2020
The Title Existere Literary Journal Vol. 40 Issue 1, February 2021
Quirks Flash Fiction Magazine, April 2021
The Exorcism of Sally Stein by Father Blatty and Bob, Who's Also There The Mobile Library, Vol 1, Issue 4, June 2021
The King's Band The Mobile Library, Vol 1, Issue 4, June 2021
Gary the Great Fabula Argentea, July 2021
Sundays Pif Magazine, August 2021
What I'll Do Writer Shed Stories Vol. III, October 2021
An Abandoned Man Tales From the Moonlit Path, October 2021
The Boot Anansi Archives Anthology Vol. I, January 2022
The Water Slide Twenty-two Twenty-eight, March 2022
Songs of the City Workers Write, April 2022
Stick Figure Fish Food Magazine, forthcoming
Oxaquitotl's End Fish Food Magazine, forthcoming
Het zwarte ei De Optimist, February 2021
Grote gele graafmachine Schrijven Magazine / Alice, June 2021
Waterloo Tijdschrift Ei, August 2021
Stem gevonden / Alice, December 2021
Stuk voor stuk Op Ruwe Planken, December 2021
En hij zag dat het goed was De Optimist, April 2022
Celdeling Tijdschrift Ei, August 2022
Dromen van vliegen Sintel, October 2022
Rust roest Winner, Editio Debutantenschrijfwedstrijd 2022
Onbelangrijk Ballustrada, November 2022